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Published on November 24th, 2014 00:00
camel blue cigarettes

A lot of smokers are always searching for the highest quality cigarette that would offer them their money’s worth. So, it is essential to look for the best so we could be certain that our hard-earned cash will be utilized properly. For cigarette lovers, this rule applies as well. On top of that, the taxes added for cigarettes turned out to be a real trouble to smokers. Thus, it is very crucial that they discover the best cigarette for them to take pleasure in and relax.

Camel Blue cigarettes are exactly the great option for all smokers. These cigarettes incorporate the perfect level of components for smokers in order to get the best smoking experience.  Additionally, Camel Blue cigarettes are considerably less costly than other cigarette brands available on the market these days. Smokers would definitely save a lot of money and still obtain the opportunity to take pleasure in smoking a cigarette that is produced from high quality ingredients. Also keep in mind that Camel Blue cigarettes have been available for virtually 30 years already. This demonstrates that this brand is well-trusted and very popular among its customers. Just imagine, being able to survive for more than three decades is real evidence to the outstanding quality of the product. Actually, Camel itself is an old and highly recognized brand. Camel cigarettes were first launched in 1913 - virtually a century ago. Originally commenced by R.J. Reynolds, the Camel brand these days has turn into one of the most famous cigarette brands across the world. Generally, Camel cigarettes are identified to possess higher nicotine content, but at the same time they have a gentle taste and are smoked incredibly easily.

Camel Blue cigarettes can also be purchased at numerous online cigarette stores, which often provide discounts and great offers for your favorite cigarettes. The R.J. Reynolds Company often presents discounts on Camel cigarettes in the form of discounts. These coupons are usually attached to the packages sold in your local stores and not online once. From time to time, stores also give big discounts when cigarettes are purchased in large quantities. Therefore if you can afford to pay some extra cash, you can purchase more cigarettes, to stock up and save on their purchases.
Camel Blue cigarettes are undoubtedly the perfect style of cigarettes to spend money on. Not only will it be capable to deliver a satisfying smoking experience, but it will also provide smokers with a saturated and fresh cigarette smoke. Choose these cigarettes and you won’t regret!

Camel cigarettes come in the following varieties:

USA varieties

Camel Non-filter
Camel Filters
Camel Filters Wides
Camel Filters 99's
Camel Blue (Lights)
Camel Blue Wides (Lights)
Camel Blue 99's (Lights)
Camel Platinum (Silver) (Ultra Lights)
Camel Platinum (Silver) 99's (Ultra Lights)
Camel Menthol (Crush)
Camel Menthol Silver (Lights)(Crush)
Camel Crush(Lights)
Camel Crush Bold(Full Flavor)
Camel Turkish Royal (Full Flavor)
Camel Turkish Gold (Lights)
Camel Turkish Silver (Ultra Lights)
Camel No. 9
Camel No. 9 100's
Camel No. 9 Menthe
Camel No. 9 Menthe 100's
Kamel Red
Kamel Red Smooth Taste (Lights)
Camel Wides
Camel Wides Menthol
Camel Wides Menthol Green(Lights)

International varieties

Camel Big Orange 100's (Mexico)
Camel Big Peach 100's (Mexico)
Camel Big Red 100's (Mexico)
Camel Big Grape 100's (Mexico)
Camel Black (More than 20 countries, mainly in Europe)
Camel White (More than 20 countries, mainly in Europe)
Camel Super Lights (South Africa)
Camel Natural (South Africa)
Camel Classic (South Africa)
Camel Filters 100's (Mexico)
Camel Lights 100's (Mexico)
Camel Natural (Europe)
Camel Nutty Menthol (Japan)
Camel One (Ukraine)
Camel Orange (Medium) (Ukraine)
Camel Ultra Lights 100's (Mexico)

Canadian varieties

Camel Filters (gold/brown pack - 20 cigarettes)
Camel Light (blue pack - 20 cigarettes)

Additive-free varieties

Camel Natural Flavor 8
Camel Natural Flavor 6 *Lights*
Camel Natural Flavor 4 *Ultra Lights*

Menthol capsule varieties

Camel Crush - Camel Light becomes a Camel Menthol Light
Camel Crush Bold - Bold becomes menthol
Camel Menthol- Adds an additional amount of menthol flavoring to the cigarette.
Camel Menthol Silver (Light) - Adds an additional amount of menthol flavoring to the cigarette.


Camel Mellow
Camel Robust
Camel Frost
Camel Winterchill
Camel Mint
Camel Original Portion (Sweden/Norway only)
Camel White Portion (Sweden/Norway only)

Dipping Tobacco

Camel Dark Milled (fine cut)
Camel Wintergreen Wide Cut (long cut)
Camel Wintergreen Pouches

Camel cigarettes varieties on

Camel Filters
Camel Blue
Camel Silver
Camel Black
Camel White

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer
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