Cigarette Brand Preferences Among American Youngsters

Published on January 20th, 2015 00:00
Marlboro tobacco

American youngsters who are up-to-date smokers state they generally light up Marlboro cigarettes. Two other brands that gained preferences among a great number of smokers are Newport with 13.3% and Camel with 9.6%. All these three brands together represent 88.1% of the present-day smokers.  Each of the several other cigarette brands are lighted up by fewer than 2% of present smokers.

Even though Marlboro is the most popular cigarette brand, it makes up a growing percentage of smokers at each higher grade level: 53.7% of the eighth graders, 1.1% of the tenth graders, and 65.2% of the twelfth graders respectively. To some extent, this may be because of the growing ratio of students who have a brand liking at older ages.

The second wide spread cigarette brand at all three grade levels is Newport. It makes up 22.5% of the eighth-grade cigarette users; however its market share dropped to about 17.7% among tenth-grade smokers, and 13.3% among twelfth-grade cigarette users.

The third popular brand in all three grades is Camel. Just like Marlboro, Camel’s share of the younger generation market seems to boost with grade level, by about 5.4% of the present smokers in grade 8 states they typically light up Camel cigarettes, 7.3% in grade 10, and 9.6% in grade 12.

Probably, one of the most unexpected discoveries is that Marlboro seems to be at least as favorite among girls as among boys at all three grade levels, in spite of the almost entirely male depictions in Marlboro advertising and marketing.

Gender disparities when in comes to Camel cigarettes come in accordance with traditional wisdom. For instance, in eighth grade, 7.3% of boys who are present smokers vs. 4.2% of such girls state their regular brand is Camel. Nevertheless, taking into consideration the solid focus on male concepts in the Camel advertisements, a considerable percentage of girls state that Camel is the brand they generally indulge in.

Newport demonstrates rather small gender distinction. At all grades marginally more ladies than males sate this as their favored brand, even though none of these grade-specific distinctions extends to statistical importance.

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer
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