Cigarettes Targeted Towards Men

Published on May 12th, 2014 00:00

Cigarette makers always try to satisfy smokers with original and qualitative products, offering cigarettes in diverse sizes, shapes and flavors. Also makers produce cigarettes targeted to a particular gender. Today we will talk about smoking products specially created for men smokers, which you often seen in advertisement, convenience store displays, and TV ads with cowboys, building workers, or business men in suits that represent them. They are seen as macho or tough.

Filterless Cigarettes
These cigarettes are also called by many smokers as straights, as they do not contain filter. They are short in size, and possess a very strong flavor. Considering the fact that there is no filter, you are breathing in the whole cigarette, so it will be much harsher on your throat if comparing with a regular cigarette. Filter less smokes are the strongest ones you can find on the tobacco market. Usually chain smokers give preference to these fags. You can often see old men purchasing these.

Examples: Astru Non-Filter, Nistru

Cigarettes with filter generally have the same strength as filterless; just possess a cotton filter, which assures a less harsh smoke. Heavy smokers are most often seen buying these. Their body demands lots of nicotine, and this kind offers that. It is just like adding an espresso shot to a cup of standard coffee.

Examples: Marlboro Red, Camel Filters, Winston Classic

Lights are probably the most popular and best-selling cigarette variety. These are not too strong and at the same time are not mild as ultra-lights. It is easy to smoke them, so you won't feel any discomfort.
Examples: Monte Carlo Blue, Lucky Strike Blue, Chesterfield Blue

These are the lightest cigarettes available on the market these days. They are so mil and light that you can end up smoking so hard to obtain a real drag. What that might probably mean is smoking more to obtain the similar effect. People typically change their cigarette brands to a lighter one when they want to give up smoking.
Examples: Bond Street One, Classic Silver, Rothmans Silver

These cigarettes are short and fat and can be either filters or lights. They are mostly aimed towards men, probably since they represent a more macho look. It is the same as with a cigar, which have a true masculine image. It is very hard to find a women smoking them, so cigarette manufacturers know this and advertise wide cigarettes for men smokers.

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