Convertible Cigarettes: Choice and Novelty

Published on September 8th, 2014 00:00
Kent Convertibles

Two words can characterize these cigarettes: choice and novelty. They are the ideal brand for those cigarette lovers who do not know what they will prefer from one moment to the next.

As to the smoke of convertibles, the flavor is similar to that of a full-flavor filter cigarette - even though with an incorporated menthol capsule in the filter. Crunch the capsule between two fingers and click the filter which is filled with the menthol liquid and the cigarette is changed into a menthol filter cigarette.

Generally the idea of a "convertible" cigarette allows smoker to have two different kinds of cigarettes just in one package (not to mention two sorts of smoke in just one smoking experience).
The idea of a menthol capsule was originally tried in Japan in 2008. After some time cigarette producer R.J. Reynolds determined that they had to add the capsule to their best selling Camels, while preparing for the device's U.S. launch. So, the first convertible cigarette was launched. Then were introduced Lucky Strike Click & Roll, Kent Convertibles, Winston Cool XSpression and many others.

According to recent market analysis, the launch of convertible cigarettes in Japan yields much more valuable market research in comparison to that in the U.S., since U.S. cigarette lovers are likely to be more brand-loyal. Japanese usually tend to be brand-variable, and attracted by the uniqueness of the convertible cigarettes with their new flavor-change capacity and exclusive snap capsule, along with the two-for-one package offers made with the launch.

The Internet website YouTube depicts a lot of videos of various tricks played out with the cigarettes, numerous suggesting crushing the capsule and breathing in at the same time in order to enjoy a menthol blast while inhaling. The most emphasis is put on hearing the click sound of the capsule while it breaks. If the Internet excitement can be considered as a barometer of the approval of convertible cigarettes by the U.S. market, then this range of cigarettes has undoubtedly obtained a good springboard therein.

Last but not least, in case one truly wants to change one's mind and turn back to the non-mentholated flavor, it is possible to just tear off that part of the filter that contains menthol in it and so change the cigarette to a regular one.

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer
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