France Won’t Increase Cigarette Prices

Published on July 6th, 2015 00:00
French cigarettes

Cigarette prices in France will keep on being the same in the this year, after the government voted to get rid of the intended 30-centime increase.

The step by the National Assembly originates after strong lobbying by cigarette manufacturers and tobacconists. The programmed tax increase had been planned to become effective starting January 1, yet has recently been affected by a modification to the law.

It signifies that the lower priced package of 20 cigarettes will still be available at around €6.50, with the more costly cigarette brands about €7.

Socialist MP Razzy Hammadi explained if the boost had been implemented, it would have increased the price difference between French cigarettes and those in neighboring European states - which would have inspired more smokers to purchase overseas.

Tabaco keepers in the southeast of France held a demonstration at the La Turbie motorway tolls - the final on the A8 motorway before the Italian border in order to protest about foreign cigarette purchase.

The decision to hold the price increase comes just three months after the authorities have announced "war on smoking" with a list of new severe actions.  The plans involved neutral cigarette packaging, a smoking ban in cars if kids under 12 are present and additional state compensation for anti-smoking products.

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer
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