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Tar volume: 8.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.6 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

$28.40 $22.72

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Cosmos cigarette brand

Cosmos is a well-known cigarette brand very successful among adult smokers in Eastern Europe. This brand gained huge popularity more than twenty years ago, shortly after its introduction to the market by TUTUN-CTC, an eminent tobacco company from Moldova.

Cosmos cigarettes are manufactured from the finest Oriental tobaccos grown in the sunny fields of Moldova, Turkey and Malawi. All the tobaccos were carefully chosen and underwent s specialized technological processing procedure which provided a considerable increase in the taste and quality characteristics of these cigarettes.

The manufacturer’s experts selected a unique aroma for Cosmos cigs – honey hint brilliantly tones with natural flavor of tobacco and enhances the oriental taste peculiar to this cigarette category.

In the manufacture of Cosmos cigarettes were used technologies of tobacco selection, processing, and blending which were developed by leading companies across the industry. Cosmos cigarettes contain innovative mono-acetate filters that absorb a great part of chemicals.

All these features make Cosmos brand be a great quality product with an intense and bold flavor which will suit the taste of adult cigarette-lovers who prefer stronger smoke. This brand is especially popular in the domestic market and in great demand in the neighboring countries.

Cosmos cigarettes contain 1.2mg of nicotine and 16mg of tar, and offer a bracing taste, invigorating aroma, and elite quality which turn the process of smoking these king-size cigs into an unforgettable experience. Cosmos cigarette is a genuine tribute to a smoker who tends to have a stronger smoke and knows that a great cigarette could be bought for less. If you consider yourself to be a real connoisseur of tobacco, you should definitely try this authentic tobacco product.

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Cosmos – a bold smoke for tough men