Frequently Asked Questions

Placing the order:

How to order on

All brands available on the site are specified in the “Choose your brand” section and click on the needed brand, it would get you to product description page.

Read carefully the description, to make sure the brand is exactly the one you need, according to the strength, amount of nicotine and length. When you decide to order, click Buy button, and you are redirected to the shopping cart page.

Indicate the number of cartons in the Quantity section and click Update Cart to get the total price. Click on Continue shopping button in case you are willing to buy other brands. Push Confirm order button, which will get you to Account Access page. Register on the site using your valid e-mail address, or log in if you are already a member.

You are directed to Shipping and Billing page. Enter all the necessary data and push “Submit” button.

Then you are redirected to the last page- Secure Checkout Server. Enter the confidential info from your payment card and click on “Purchase” button.

Providing that you have entered all the required information, you will soon receive an Order Status Notification Letter, noting that the order has been authorized; and within some time you will also receive an Order Shipment Confirmation. These letters will be sent to the e-mail address you have used while registering.

My order did not get through. What is wrong?

The order might be declined due to:

  • Our processing company does not support your payment card type (For now we accept only Bitcoins);
  • You made an error when filling in the required personal info;
  • Technical problem;
  • Your bank have not authorized the transaction, etc

In any case, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Department , so that we could look into the problem and provide sufficient assistance.

Do you have a phone or fax order option?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take phone orders, as we maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Do you offer the auto-delivery option?

Unfortunately, we don’t have this option anymore, as it has been prohibited under Visa Rules.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or wite transfers.

I would like to cancel my order, can you help me?

If you are willing to cancel your order, you have to send your written request to our Customer Services Department, specifying the number of your order. The order can be cancelled only within 48 hours from the moment of placing the order. Your account will be credited back within 3-10 business days. Please, avoid canceling payment with your card issuer.

How many cartons can I order?

You can order as much as you need for your personal consumption. Nevertheless, we recommend our first-time clients to buy not more than 6-10 cartons.

Shipping and Handling:

How much is shipping at

The shipping is free on our site, as it is already included in the price of the cigarettes.

What countries can you ship the products to?

We can ship the orders to every location throughout the USA. If you are a resident of a European Country, please, contact us prior to placing the order, as we don’t ship orders to so several EU countries.

How may I check the status of my order? Do you provide tracking numbers?

After placing the order, you will be sent letters confirming the authorization and shipment of the order. Unfortunately, we do not provide tracking information; however, you can always contact our Customer Services Department to get further assistance.

What is the average order delivery term?

Our customers usually receive their orders in 10-30 days from that day of shipping. But, in case the order has not arrived within the aforementioned terms, please contact us, since we are willing to resolve such issues.

Can you pack large orders in bulk so the customers are able to cut the expenses on shipping?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. In conformity with present legislation we can pack the cartons in packages by not more than 3 cartons. Otherwise, the packages will be seized.

I have ordered and paid for 6 cartons, but received only a half of my order, where is the balance of my order?

As we ship large orders in several packages, sometimes it happens that packages can be delayed or even lost during transit. So, give the remaining packages several days to arrive, and in case of their non-delivery within the aforementioned time framed, contact our Customer Services Department in order to get sufficient assistance.

Are the cigarette brands available at produced by U.S. manufacturers?

All products offered on our site are produced by European subdivisions of American tobacco companies in compliance with European Union quality standards.


What should I do if my order is lost or defected?

In case of the non-delivery of the products, or their damage, we guarantee a replacement order free of any charge, or the reimbursement of your funds. The customers have to contact our Customer Services Department, provide the number of the order, and require either the shipment of replacement order or a refund. We kindly ask our customers to avoid disputing the charges with their payment card issuers, as we guarantee a 100% refund.

Will you add more brands to your assortment in the nearest future?

Yes, we are working hard to get the latest brands and expand the variety of brands offered at

Do you disclose the confidential information of your customer to any third party?

No, we do not distribute, disclose or use the personal information for any other purposes besides ordering process.

How can I reach your Customer Services Department?

You can reach our Customer Services Operators, by sending your requests to Please, attach the number of your order, and/or the description of the problem you have encountered, and we will contact you back with the most detailed assistance.