Marlboro – World’s Best Selling Cigarette Brand

Published on October 10th, 2014 00:00

Long since people have been fascinated by tobacco products and this has been demonstrated by the antediluvian person who showed traces of nicotine. It can be certainly believed that tobacco smoked during that time period was tougher than that included in the present day cigarettes. Tobacco was utilized for a long time before it got the look of a present cigarette.

The first cigarette was released in the 18th century; even so its acceptance took place mostly after the Crimean war. In 1920 cigarette market has presented a filter-tip cigarette which converted tobacco industry into a fast developing business. At the moment there are numerous tobacco manufacturers that produce a significant range of cigarettes, among which is the renowned Marlboro brand, the bestselling brand all over the world till today.

You may wonder why specifically Marlboro is the most preferred. Apart from its high quality standards and original advertising methods and tactics there are some more factors which make Marlboro brand number one on tobacco market.

Even though initially Marlboro was promoted as lady's cigarette, already after the Second World War it has changed its appearance and was presented in new pack design showing a well-known picture of the cowboy, thus becoming a brand for real men.

Marlboro makers have been paying attention on masculinity when launching their famous advertising campaign thus appealing to try them. In addition to marketing strategies, this brand was launched in a diversified range, starting from Regular, Lights, Gold Touch and Menthol, each having its distinctive features.

Additionally, there is one more special feature which makes Marlboro the best; it is the refined quality of tobaccos used in this smoking product. These cigarettes contain superior ingredients which offer smokers an unforgettable smoking experience.

Marlboro sales volume has risen considerably mostly because of online cigarette stores, which supply this real tobacco masterpiece worldwide. You are able to order any quantity of your favorite Marlboro brand straight from your home. The diverse range of flavors and styles will find its true connoisseur.

Marlboro has occupied and still occupies first position in the tobacco market. The number of cigarette lovers that choose this brand is expanding day by day.

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer
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