Philip Morris Changes Chesterfields Design

Published on January 13th, 2016 00:00
Chesterfield logo

Cigarette manufacturer company Philip Morris has revealed new product packaging for its Chesterfield brand to underline the brand’s excellency, which is offered at the cheapest price in the super low category.
The unique new design, presented across the Chesterfield Red, Chesterfield Blue and Menthol portfolio, demonstrates the notable ‘duality crown’ icon, established on a clean white background.
Within the new package design are various references to the brands popular quality, as well as the launch of the line ‘Creator of Taste’, and records to the long history of the brand that has provided ‘International Quality Since 1896’.
Being a fine Virginia blend, there are right now extra icons featuring the soft Virginia taste, and also reminding adult cigarette users that the Chesterfield brand has been ‘created to provide exceptional quality and smooth taste’.
The Chesterfield design and style improvement is particularly good news for suppliers and adult smokers as well, as the brand has preserved its long-term 8%, most advantageous price point of £6.10 and, crucially, the 19 stick count, which includes to produce Chesterfield the best value brand in the UK.
Martin Inkster, handling director for the UK & Ireland at Philip Morris stated: “We are thrilled to reveal the new design for the Chesterfield portfolio, and probably are even extremely pleased of preserving our standing as the best value brand in the UK, with an extremely low price point of £6.10, a 19 stick count. All of these aspects put together produce true value for suppliers and adult cigarette users as well”.
The new product packaging will be presented in-store starting 14 September and will be backed with a considerable trade marketing program.

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer
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