Pro-Seal Technology Added to Marlboro Cigarettes

Published on February 10th, 2017 00:00
Marlboro cigarettes

Philip Morris has released an innovative feature to guarantee highest possible freshness for its Marlboro cigarettes. Several months ago Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Silver were improved to Pro-Seal, which it claims to “store the last cigarette in the package as fresh as the first one”, by changing a foil wrap to a seal that reseals the package each time it closes. Philip Morris representative reported: “Marlboro is the first on cigarette market and with the help of this innovative wrapping design we want to be sure that smokers receive the best smoking experience. ”Pro-Seal technologywill place Marlboro aside from its competition and reinforce Marlboro’s brand position on the cigarette market.” “We have decided to invest in the brand so that to be sure that it proceeds to offer great revenue for retailers and the greatest smoking experience for all cigarette lovers,” Philip Morris representative shared. What does Pro-Seal do? With the help, of of this technology smokers will enjoy premium tobacco quality of Marlboro cigarettes each time as the first.

By Robert Smith, Staff Writer

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