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Leana Non-Filter

Tar volume: 15.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.3 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

$21.15 $16.92

Price per carton

Leana cigarettes

Leana brand is one of the few non-filtered cigarette brands available in our online cigarette store. It can sound odd, but today many people still prefer to smoke cigarettes without filters, saying they provide a more natural flavor and have less chemical additives in them.

However, it is very difficult to find a high quality non-filtered cigs at a low price in the web that is why Cigarettespub.biz is especially proud to offer its customers an opportunity to try Leana cigarettes.

The quality of Leana cigarettes is confirmed by many awards won by its manufacturer TUTUN-CTC in the tobacco exhibitions around the world. The tobacco formula of these cigarettes comprises imported high quality along with the excellent tobacco grown in Moldova. The combination of these different sorts of tobacco gives an exclusive taste that is definitely worth to be tried.

These cigs will be a great choice for those adult tobacco-lovers who are used to smoke stronger tobacco products with a relatively high amount of nicotine and a bright, intense flavor and invigorating taste which provokes extreme feelings and satisfaction from smoking process.

Leana brand is related to Oriental blend type. The 70-mm-long cigarettes are packed in soft packs. The design of the packs is rather simple, but it leaves a room for imagination, as looking on the Leana packs one can see the relaxing images of sea and far-away islands.

Leana cigarettes are in great demand among those smokers who prefer non-filtered cigarettes and are willing to buy a less expensive but a highly qualitative product. All you have to do is visit our discount cigarette shop and order Leana cigarettes at an amazingly low price and benefit from this excellent tobacco product. And don’t forget – the shipping is absolutely free at CigarettesPub.biz

Leana cigarettes – discover the world of natural taste and superior smell.