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Orbita cigarettes


Tar volume: 16.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.3 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

$27.64 $22.11

Price per carton

Orbita – feel yourself in space

Orbita brand is a very popular low-cost product manufactured by well-known Moldavian tobacco-maker TUTUN-CTC. This brand gained the trust of smokers across Eastern Europe and some EU, and keeps growing as it recently won Silver Medal in the European Tobacco Exhibition held in Poland.

The Orbita cigarettes are being produced applying the traditional technology of blending different sorts of Oriental-type tobacco, imported from Turkey, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

During the production of Orbita cigs, the producer has also used an innovative technique of adding porous tobacco veins to the tobacco composition, in order to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the cigarettes, and provide them with a more intense tobacco taste.

In general, the experts from TUTUN-CTC have created a rather enigmatic product, which charms smokers by both its exterior and interior. The naming of these cigarettes can be translated from Romanian language as Orbit, which can have an allegorical meaning – the Orbita brand is unknown to smokers like space, but if trying a single cigarette, it can lift up to the stars.

Among the features, characteristic for Orbita cigs is a strong, rich flavor that grants a boost of self-respect and strength with each cigarette. The superb quality of Orbita brand will definitely satisfy every cigarette-lover, who is enough brave to have a taste of these cigarettes.

Orbita cigs are equipped with an advanced filter technology and are related to Oriental blend. They are packed in soft packs and are 80mm long. Orbita cigarettes provide a relatively high quantity of tar and nicotine - 15mg and 1.3mg correspondingly, so they will fit tough guys who are willing to have something stronger. It is also important to mention that the Orbita cigarettes are offered for a low price, and many smokers benefit from these discount prices.

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