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Plai cigarettes


Tar volume: 15.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.2 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

$29.05 $23.24

Price per carton

Plai Cigarettes

Plai is a qualitative cigarette brand manufactured by “TUTUN-CTC”, the leading tobacco producer from Eastern Europe. The company received many prizes and quality certificates for its diverse and premium smoking products. Up to date “TUTUN-CTC” introduces on the market more innovative and unique cigarette brands as Marengo, Doina, Plai and many others.

This smoking product is made from a mixture of diverse tobacco sorts imported from well-known tobacco growing countries as Germany, Spain and even those gathered from local plantations. A blend of a highly aromatic Oriental and Semi Oriental tobaccos makes the taste of Plai cigarettes more saturated and refined.

Up-to-date equipment brought from France and Great Britain is used to manufacture Plai cigs. A bit tangy and quite strong tobacco taste, possessing 15 mg. of tar and 1.2 mg. of nicotine is mostly preferred by male smokers. Plai cigarettes offer a long lasting smoking experience with a pleasant aftertaste.

Plai producer declared that these cigarettes were elaborated specially for those people who love their homeland. Even the brand name “plai” is translated from Romanian language as “motherland” the most sacred place for every person.  Probably the most warm and beautiful memories and feelings are connected with this place. Order Plai cigarettes from and you will feel like home even being far away from it.

A white soft package of Plai cigarettes has a simple design, depicting in the center the brand name in blue lettering.